Moving through fear with Integrative Medicine.

Today we will be exploring what my guest calls our sick care system and whether our current world events are part of an ancient prophecy foretold by indigenous teachers.

Join the conversation with Dr. McLean and Rev. Patricia and learn how greater holistic support of your mind, body, and spirit is the way to move through fear and into the higher consciousness the indigenous teachers have prophesied.

Dr. Bonnie McLean, an award winning doctor and author of the book Integrative Medicine: Return of the Soul to Healthcare has been practicing Oriental Holistic Medicine for 37 years and was a practicing RN for 20 years before this. Dr. McLean has over 55 years’ experience in the healing arts. She embraces both Western and Oriental Medicine and believes that both are important when someone needs help with their health. To her it is not a matter of having to choose one or the other but of knowing when to use what. Find out more at

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