Common Sentience

Transcend the Ordinary and Awaken the Mystic Within You!

Have you had them . . . those mystical glimpses into the consciousness beyond our five senses? In a sacred moment, a flash of truth or taste of grace moves through us. Our world expands and something is revealed, illumined, felt. We go back to our daily lives, yet something essential has changed.

Transcendent experiences like these are becoming so increasingly common that it makes sense to finally claim and honor the next level of consciousness we’re expanding into. Sharing grounded wisdom and our intimate encounters with this greater reality, our Common Sentience book series open hearts, affirms our innate essence, and transforms our world.

Each Book Takes You On a Mystical Journey!

In Part 1: Wisdom – Understand what the spiritual phenomenon is. Learn the ways it appears or interacts with you.
In Part 2: Story – Experience the mystical through the true, personal stories of people from around the world who have experienced it… including the author of the book!
In Part 3: Experience – Deepen your relationship with the spiritual through practices, processes and next level consciousness.

Read one or all of these books in our uncommon and mystical series . . . and awaken the mystic within you!

Latest Release!


Energetic Doorways to Mystical Experiences Between Worlds

A portal is a point of possibility, a step into a thousand journeys. Join leading researcher Freddy Silva as he takes you on a magical tour around the world to places on the land where the laws of physics behave differently and the perception of overlapping realities is both apparent and immediate.

Experience Cadair Idris in Wales, Tintagel in England, the west coast of Scotland, Kura Tawhiti in New Zealand, Tsé Bit’a’í in New Mexico, the plateau of Giza, and power places high in the Andes. Learn the meaning and origins of the green man, serpents, dragons, and the Shining Ones, and identify the markers for the earth’s telluric currents to find your own places of power.

The experience of two worlds makes you present in both but bound to neither. Step out of the cocoon and dabble in a parallel reality as Freddy Silva and our sacred storytellers share their mystical interactions with portals, including those of:

  • a writer led by a mysterious hum in the Wudang Mountains
  • a woman who was changed by her experience at Skellig Michael
  • a mother who connected with mothers both past and future at Bandelier
  • a traveler who experienced a tear in the fabric of time at Machu Picchu
  • a woman who bore witness to the living Spirit at Newgrange

Enhance your personal mystical experiences as Freddy shares how to interact directly with portals. Understand how to properly approach a portal and the importance of your expectations, timing, respect, and sympathetic resonance. Utilize this knowledge to access these powerful energetic doorways between worlds.

PORTALS is your opening in space and time to multiple levels of reality.

FREDDY SILVA is a bestselling author, and leading researcher of ancient civilizations, restricted history, crop circles, sacred sites and their interaction with consciousness. Freddy is the author of nine books in six languages, has produced fifteen documentaries, is an international keynote speaker, and has been described as “perhaps the best metaphysical speaker in the world right now.”

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Sacred Communications with Loved Ones from Across the Veil

Release Date: Autumn 2024!

Many of us have experienced the heartache of losing a loved one and longed for a sign or message from them. . . and THEN there are those soul expanding moments when we receive loving and direct communication and it opens us up to the awareness that we are not only human, we are eternal beings of light and those we love who have passed are not gone forever.

Mediumship is tuning into the higher vibrations of those no longer in physical form. It is a sacred exchange with loved ones across the veil, an interactive, real-time conversation through words, images, feelings, sounds, or a deep knowing presence.

Has a loved one spoken to you through your thoughts or the lyrics of a song you sang together? Has the scent of their favorite perfume or flower filled your home when you were thinking of them? Did you feel guilt or remorse after their passing and receive their forgiveness through an unexpected phrase someone uttered to you? Has a medium conveyed words and images from your loved one that allowed you to experience deep healing? Or perhaps, your beloved animal companion let you know they were with you through the behavior of another animal?

Watch for our book Mediumship which will help others experience the continuity of consciousness and this sacred soul to soul communication.

SUZANNE GIESEMANN is a teacher of personal transformation, an author, and a medium who has been recognized on the Watkins’ list of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. A former Navy Commander with a Master’s degree in National Security Affairs, she served as a commanding officer and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She now shares The Awakened Way™, a path to living a consciously connected and Divinely guided life.