Spiritual Experiences of Accessing Our Soul’s Plan and Infinite Intelligence

Common Sentience is a first-of-its-kind book series that celebrates the mystical experiences we have as spiritual beings. Our series is unique in that every book is anchored by a Featured Author who is a renowned thought leader on the book’s topic. These wisdom teachers are sharing both their personal stories and deep knowledge in chapters throughout the books and they are inviting you to join them!

Share your true, compelling personal story of direct interaction with Spirit. We are currently accepting submissions for consideration for the book listed below through September 30, 2022. There is no cost to submit your story.

We all feel there is a reason we are on this Earth: people we want to support, gifts we want to share, and lessons we want to learn . . . and THEN we realize we are ancient souls that have come for specific purposes with a plan and Divine help to accomplish it.

The Akasha is a high vibrational, quantum energy field that contains information on all souls from all galaxies and dimensions. Within it we each have our own Akashic library that contains all our personal information since we individuated from Source. Each soul also has their personal Akashic Record Keepers who are in service solely to assist them.

Do you have a mystical story to tell where you received clear, direct information from your Akashic Record Keepers? Did you have a dream where you have been in a library and were given a book? Have you used a sacred key or prayer to access the infinite knowledge in your records? Perhaps you were in meditation and received a download of information that possibly included a past life or information about your infinite Self.

The Akasha is our information support system. We invite you to share your story so others can access their Akashic records and live their lives with greater ease.

We invite you to submit your story for possible inclusion in AKASHA: Spiritual Experiences of Accessing Our Soul’s Plan and Infinite Intelligence with Lisa Barnett.

Lisa Barnett is the founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom where she specializes in teaching you to access personal soul wisdom and guidance to transform your life, working directly with your soul’s plan and with the support of the Akashic Record Keepers.

Be a Part of the Common Sentience Book Series

What makes the Common Sentience book series unique and even sacred is the greater community being created around it. We’re excited for you to be a part of it.

  • We are creating a movement where everyone can feel comfortable expressing their own Divine self!
  • Our innate capacities are turning on at a greater rate than ever before. Understanding and honoring our Divine abilities and the abilities of others is a path to oneness.
  • Every book is anchored by a Featured Author who is a renowned thought leader on the book’s topic ensuring the knowledge shared is grounded yet contains profound wisdom.
  • Their informed take on the topics elevates the conversation and sparks us to reimagine how phenomena like channeling, miracles, or ascended masters are perceived and understood.
  • Each of these wisdom teachers is opening a sacred circle and sharing their personal stories and inviting you to do the same.
  • Each Featured Author invites you to submit your story and join the conversation. In this way, we are all sharing our stories together, thereby reinforcing a sense of trust and camaraderie around our mystical experiences.
  • The circle widens even more as our contributing writers—those whose stories are selected for inclusion in the books—share these collections of stories with their friends, families, networks and communities.
  • Pairing our contributing writers with wisdom teachers elevates the profile of everyone involved and offers limitless opportunities to promote the books, as well.
  • We see this project prototype as a quadruple win: For the reading public, for our contributing writers, for our wisdom teachers, and for the conscious evolution of humanity.

Are you feeling the call to write your direct encounter(s) with Spirit, share it with others and join the global conversation with renowned thought leaders in the field of consciousness and spirituality?