All Stories Are Sacred . . . Including Ours

Everyone has a story of becoming, of growing into who they are. Ours is one of our favorites. We’re excited to share a bit about ourselves with you.

Our Sacred Story

Sacred Stories Publishing and Media was founded by Rev. Ariel Patricia with a core-level inspiration: to bring Divine wisdom into the mainstream.

Whether about a personal challenge or triumph, or the experience of opening to one’s spiritual awareness, we believe that stories — written, spoken, and lived — have power, purpose, and resonance. They enable us to share our lived experiences, thereby making informed choices that help us write a better world.

Our author roster spotlights fresh voices and visionaries, alongside well-loved and respected luminaries. Together with our conscious media network and online education platform, Sacred Stories is known as a trusted source for the latest contemporary wisdom that accelerates the awakening of humanity’s highest potential.

We view our work foremost as a bridge between one’s soul and the world. It is our pleasure to support our authors, media partners, course instructors and collaborators in realizing this profound connection, as well.

Meet Ariel Patricia

Founder and CEO

Ariel Patricia felt the calling to found Sacred Stories Publishing and Media after a series of events changed the course of her life. Since then, she has been on a heart-based mission to help others tell and share their own stories of transformation to a global audience.

Promptly after this period in her life, Ariel left her career in the corporate and educational worlds and entered One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York, where she became ordained as an interfaith minister. This deepened her passion to share the profound experiences and wisdom of Spirit to those who are ripe to receive it.

Now, as both sacred storyteller and visionary businesswoman, Ariel is the powerhouse behind Sacred Stories Publishing and Media. Her leadership in the rapidly evolving fields of publishing, broadcasting, and online learning has quickly put SSPM on the map as a conscious business enterprise with a soul for helping humanity prosper and expand our spiritual awareness.

Ariel proudly served six years as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, and has a Master of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Science in Business. She is the author of two books sharing her personal journey and experiences with Spirit and is the co-author of three books.

Ariel is a sought-after keynote speaker and pioneer in subjects related to our evolving consciousness and how to share our work across multiple media platforms. Ariel has had the pleasure of appearing on ABC-TV and has presented at the Aspire Reinvent Conference, World Unity Week, UP Convergence, and MindPT. She does avid volunteer work, including serving as a Member of the Board of Directors for Navicore Solutions, a company that provides financial counseling and support.

Ariel and her two daughters love to travel the world, hang with their dog Bear and linger over coffee together—which Ariel, naturally, drinks black, as any good former Marine does.

Sacred Stories includes a team of editors, art designers, film producers, social media experts, and conscious media influencers of the highest caliber.

What Our Valued Colleagues Say

The single greatest human support is embracing the spiritual sacred nature of life. Ariel Patricia is a wonderful spiritual teacher and an example for all of us.

Dr. Norman ShealyA World Leading Expert in Pain & Depression Management

Rev. Ariel Patricia is a gift to the spiritual community and the world! Each time I speak with her, it’s like being welcomed home!

Mira KelleyRegressionist and Best Selling author of Beyond Past Lives

Rev. Ariel Patricia provides a fresh approach on a variety of spiritually based topics and encourages her audience to look deeper into the nature of reality. Listen and you will come away with a new perspective on the life changing potential of personal spiritual exploration.

William BuhlmanResearcher at The Monroe Institute and Best Selling Author

Extremely high integrity. Easy to work with. Follows through on every agreement. Goes above and beyond.

Bonnie McLean OMD, AP, BSNAuthor of Integrative Medicine: Return of the Soul to Healthcare

Rev. Ariel Patricia is a true light for the modern spiritual seeker. Continue to follow Ariel as she ushers in the new age of wisdom and love through her programs and teachings.

Gene Ang Ph. D.Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher