Jonas and the Mountain Journeys


Join host and author Janis Harper in her podcast series, “Jonas and the Mountain Journeys,” as she reads eight ten-minute excerpts from her visionary novel, Jonas and the Mountain: A Metaphysical Love Story.

In Segment 1, “Meet the Characters,” you’ll meet the three main characters of the novel in three podcast episodes. Janis Harper will be reading excerpts from her book to introduce Jonas, the guru D, and the psychic teacher Anamika to you.

In Segment 2: “Press Pause with Anamika” you’ll join the psychic teacher Anamika as she offers you ways to engage with your own body’s healing, your past lives, your relationships, and other intriguing areas of self-exploration, in five podcast episodes. In this segment, Janis Harper reads excerpts from her novel in the voice of the psychic teacher Anamika, from the chapters where she is giving her teachings and offering expressive arts activities to her students as a way to bring her teachings home. These passages have been adapted so that they stand alone as self-exploration podcasts, and you’re invited to participate in the activities.

Press pause in your day, in your life, and listen in to yourself. There are worlds waiting to be discovered.