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Common Sentience, a first-of-its-kind book series, is proving that our direct, personal, spiritual experiences are an increasingly common and meaningful part of our human lives. Each book in the series spotlights specific ways that these profound connections are made—through nature, angels, sound, spirit guides, animals, meditation, ancestors, and more.

Common Sentience shares personal, mystical short stories in the words of those who’ve experienced them, alongside a Featured Author, who is a renowned thought leader on the subject. The Featured Author frames these compelling true stories with grounded wisdom and deepening practices that expand and elevate our understanding of the topic.

The result is an uncommon book series that helps each of us embrace our innate essence as spiritual beings to uplift our collective human experience.

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Finding Sea Legs in Turbulent Waters

| Blogs, Laura Staley | No Comments
“What will be born from our sorrows, our joys, our loves, from the brave releasing of a life we no longer live? Being present moment by moment as best you can for what can seem like a deluge of heart-wrenching experiences mixed with joyous, simple ones of celebration, life continues…

Native American Peacemakers

| Blogs, Rachel Mann, PhD | No Comments
In 1993, I sat in on a meditation cushion in a musty domed tent in the Green Mountains of Vermont. There on a raised dais in front of us sat a Native American woman with tawny, golden skin, dark hair, sparkling eyes, a gracious manner, and a melodious speaking voice.…

The Art of Karma

| Blogs, Seana Zelazo, LICSW | No Comments
Do you find you’re struggling despite committing to a life of loving-kindness? Many people rightfully believe that lightness will be present if they live with intentions oriented toward helping others. And while this is true, sometimes struggles are a result of a karmic negotiation from a previous life. If you…

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