Destiny Lines


Join Rachel Mann, PhD, sacred activist, social scientist, healer, and spiritual mentor and her guests as they explore the multidimensional sources and impacts of violence and how we can end the cycle for future generations into an enduring peace.

In these tumultuous times, it is critically important to continue to build a Great Wave of Peace on a planetary level. Destiny lines are energetic pathways of light along which humanity and the planet travels from the dimension of the soul at the moment of birth and on into this physical time-space continuum, and from there, into the present and towards the future. We stand at a critical turning point in which violence in all its forms, from subtle to overt, unfolds and escalates in every corner of the world. To heal and end transgenerational cycles of violence and build a sustainable world, we must expand on and even change political, societal, psychological, and medical solutions to include spiritual practices, tools, and wisdom. Building the fires of compassion into practical actions will have an exponential impact on all the challenges we face, including war, genocide, racism, oppression, climate change, poverty, and economic justice.

Social activism then becomes as sacred as our beloved world is to us.