Mystical Connections to Soul Guides and Divine Teachers

Psychic medium Marilyn Alauria explains how all of life offers information for your personal journey, and your guides are here to help communicate it to you in GUIDES: Mystical Connections with Soul Guides and Divine Teachers, the fifth book in our exciting Common Sentience book series.

Guides can be ascended beings, deceased loved ones, angels, animals, nature, planets, colors, or beings from other dimensions and star systems. When you approach life from a limitless consciousness, you will be amazed at the guidance you have access to.

What makes this book uncommon and truly special is it shares spiritual wisdom on Soul Guides and the true personal stories of people’s mystical experiences with them.

In Part One: Understanding Guides, Marilyn Alauria shares important foundational wisdom on what Soul Guides are, how they connect with us, their purpose, and how they answer the questions inside of you and help you remember who you are and why you are here.

In Part Two: Mystical Connections to Soul Guides and Divine Teachers be delighted and inspired as Marilyn Alauria and our sacred storytellers share their mystical connections with their guides. See how their true stories reflect our highest truths and the loving universe we live in, including:

  • a woman and her children saved from a neighborhood gang.
  • a grandfather in spirit rescuing his young granddaughter.
  • an overlighting deva of healing guiding a woman to her healing gifts.
  • Yogananda interceding to assist a man deepen into self-love.
  • the goddess Green Tara invoked to aid in a miraculous birth.
  • loving guidance and healing received from Jesus.

Part Three: Deepening Your Connection with Your Guides does just that as Marilyn Alauria explains your relationship with your guides is a profoundly personal experience when you practice communicating from your inner awareness and knowing. Learn the symbolic language of your soul, how to breathe with your guides, the technique, and more.

Marilyn Alauria is a gifted psychic medium, teacher, and coach with an unmatched capacity to ignite deep, soul-level transformation for her clients around the world. Her online courses Live and Thrive with Your Psychic Gifts and Communicate with Your Soul Guides are popular courses on Sacred U.

GUIDES: Mystical Connections to Soul Guides and Divine Teachers

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