­Nature speaks to us in a variety of ways. As mentioned in my previous article, it is likely that nature will speak to us through symbology, synchronicities, and archetypes. Today we will discuss how nature communicates with us through our abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience.


Clairvoyance, or clear seeing, is the ability to receive intuitive impressions through images, flashes of pictures, colors, or shapes in your peripheral or inner vision. If you are a visual person, like an artist, designer, or builder, clairvoyance is most likely a dominant sense for you. With this capability, you are combining your physical sight with your ability to see with your energetic eyes. Clairvoyant visions can relate to the past, present, or future.

When you first begin experimenting with this sense, you may get only glimpses of visuals. As you progress, this type of sight may become much more detailed, like watching scenes from a movie. I have found that the way in which we experience seeing memories in our mind’s eye is how we will typically receive intuitive impressions through clairvoyance. For example, think back to a time you spent out in nature. The way that you see that memory in your mind is how you can see or receive messages through your clairvoyant channel.

In addition to intuitive messages that come through your clairvoyant channel, you can, of course, see pieces of intuitive information with your physical eyes. You may begin to notice and see plants, rocks, or something that looks out of place or grabs your attention; these images may invoke messages or emotions that are personal to you. For instance, a particular rock outcropping catches your eye because you see on it the perfectly formed shape of a howling wolf. You feel that this wolf, through the rock, is urging you to stand firmly grounded in your power and speak your truth without fear of reprisal. While walking along the shore and watching a glorious sunrise in the east, you are reminded of all the possibilities and opportunities that this new day holds for you, and to be in the flow and current of life.


Clairaudience, or clear hearing, is the ability to receive intuitive impressions through words inside of your mind or by sounds, words, or music that you hear outside of your mind that is relevant to the question you’re asking. It may not actually be audible, but an impression of the word on your mind. Those whose talents lie in our auditory faculties, like gifted musicians, singers, writers, and public speakers probably have clairaudience as a leading sense.

Clairaudience usually comes in short, concise bits of information, and as you listen, you can track it bit by bit to form a longer narrative. The words may or may not sound like your thinking voice. For example, look at your grocery list. As you go through the list in your head, hear yourself saying each item as if you are speaking aloud. Similarly, messages from nature may come through your clairaudient channel and sound like your thinking voice. Other times, when you’re connecting with nature, you may hear a voice in head that doesn’t sound like yours; what you may be hearing is the energy coming from nature. Either way, you’re on the right track if the information coming through pertains to the question you have on your mind and is of a vibration of love not fear.

Another way that nature can speak to you through your clairaudience is when you hear an actual nature sound, like wind rustling through leaves, an echo around the mountain, or the crackling sound of a fire. It may spark a remembrance within you from childhood or remind you that the winds of change are approaching and to set your intentions, so you are sourced by these changes, rather than being blown around and disturbed by them.


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ANA MARIA VASQUEZ, author of  NATURE: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes, has a profound connection with nature and animals. As a Multi-Sensory Animal and Nature Intuitive, she specializes in working with and helping others understand and interpret messages coming from Nature.  Ana Maria sees nature and animals as mirrors to our inner landscapes that support us in making shifts that we otherwise wouldn’t make on our own.

As a shamanic practitioner and certified Intuitive Strategist, Ana Maria also helps other unpack their intuitive backpacks and utilize these gifts in their lives. Her online courses Let Nature Be Your Guide, Modern Shamanism, and Nature as a Messenger are popular courses on Sacred U.