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We publish nonfiction and fiction books, e-books, and audio books on topics that include spirituality and metaphysics, inspirational, religious, personal journeys and memoirs, new thought, natural/alternative health and healing, self-care, and wisdom learned from lived experiences that are helpful to the world.

Sacred Stories Publishing is our flagship imprint that started it all in 2016 and has quickly gained footing as one of the most respected imprints in the inspirational and higher consciousness categories.

It was founded on our firm belief in the power of story to connect us, inspire one another, and inform our choices. Our individual stories comprise our collective human story, especially when courageous souls share their lived experiences and the wisdom gained from them.

Each of us experiences life through our stories and for this reason, every story is sacred. This is why our Sacred Stories Publishing imprint helps give voice to personal stories of all types, including memoirs, personal journeys, narrative fiction inspired by true stories, and anthologies.

Our mission with Haniel Press is to illuminate the divine teachings and wisdom imparted through our lived experiences—not as lessons learned, but as awareness gained. Taking inspiration from the Angel of Joy, this imprint supports our readers in “moving through the story” into the wisdom acquired through it, and consciously delighting in life’s inherent sacredness.

Haniel Press has grown to include award winning and bestselling books by fresh voices and visionaries as well as the words of beloved luminaries and wisdom carriers. Our core publishing areas include spirituality and metaphysics, faith and wisdom traditions, natural/holistic health and healing, personal growth and self-discovery.

Dr. Kurt Johnson, co-founder of Light on Light Press with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala, India, in 2019.
Photo by Tenzin Choejor.

Light on Light Press is an imprint dedicated to interspirituality–the sacred ground upon which all religious and wisdom traditions intersect and share their deeper unity of experiences.

Light on Light Press aims to continue this interfaith dialogue by publishing the contemporary works of both sacred and secular thought leaders whose messages perpetuate an engaged spirituality that fully embodies our beliefs, respects our differences, and inspires us to compassionate action along these four thematic areas: Interspirituality – World Wisdom Traditions  – The Global Paradigm Shift – Spiritual Practice and Inspired Lifestyle

Through our Owlet Books imprint, we publish a wide range of fiction and nonfiction titles for young readers that engage, entertain, and educate. We accept picture books, chapter books, middle-grade novels and nonfiction works that include excellent storytelling with a positive message, and vivid characters that capture the heart.

For books that include illustration, our team of talented illustrators walk through each step of the design process with you creating characters and imagery that bring your book to life.

We founded our Garnet Press imprint to support the multitude of benefic voices in the world that deserve an opportunity to be heard, and whose stories are worthy of being read. Unlike boilerplate self-publishing platforms, we uphold the same level of quality as our traditionally published books then go many steps further by offering our authors promotional support and help with growing their platform.

When you sign with Garnet Press, you are assured that your work is in the hands of compassionate and seasoned industry professionals in every aspect of the process–from book formatting and layout, cover design, ISBN and other registrations, to distribution and fulfillment.