Empath Support

Empaths come to the planet with a special set of gifts and sensitivities. In order to fully express your unique brilliance, however, you need a variety of tools and practices to help you manage your highly tuned energetic and emotional physiology.

These meditations give you access to greater calm, life force, boundaries, and clarity as well as the fundamental skills of grounding, centering, and clearing.

Empath Support Meditation Series with Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather

This special series includes all six Empath Support meditations by Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather listed below. Immerse yourself fully at a 20% discount. All meditations also available separately. Click images for more information.

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather is an award-winning author of the international best-seller, The Evolutionary Empath. She is a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. Contact [email protected].

FREE! Grounding is a key skill in the empath tool box and this meditation will take you through multiple practices to help you bring your life force back into your body and ground to the earth.

As empaths, our energy field can get overcrowded, making it difficult to discern our voice from everyone else’s. This meditation will reset your boundary and lovingly invite out all the people and things you carry so you can reestablish your own sovereign space and hear your truth.

As we evolve from head-centered to heart-centered consciousness, our feelings are what will align us to our truth. This meditation takes you through a practice to listen to your body’s wisdom as you make decisions.

As empaths, it is easy to get overwhelmed which, in turn, can send our nervous system into a state of overload and even shut-down. Managing overwhelm and resetting your nervous system are essential skills to maintain calmness, composure, and grace.

Staying centered in our core helps us to be self-referencing instead of other-referencing. This meditation focuses on the spine as the “home” of your center and takes you through a powerful clearing and core connection.

Saying no can be one of the most challenging forms of establishing a boundary. This guided process will help you understand the different forms of no and takes you through an experiential rehearsal to set you up for success.