Experiences of Humanity’s Connections with a Higher Power

Neale Donald Walsch, NY Times bestselling author of Conversations with God, says don’t look now, but God is talking with you. In fact, Neale shares God is never not talking with you in GodTalk: Experiences of Humanity’s Connections with a Higher Power, a book our Common Sentience book series.

Neale encourages you to begin your own conversations with God because God can suddenly reveal Itself in unexpected, unforgettable, mysterious, and miraculous ways, leaving behind a powerful message that touches you continuously for the rest of your days.

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What makes this book uncommon and truly special is it shares spiritual wisdom on our talks with God and provides true, mystical stories of those who have experienced them.

In Part One: Understanding GodTalk be present to life and the experience of your talks with God. Neale Donald Walsch shares how the Divine talks to you in a hundred ways across a thousand moments, using feelings, words, images, ideas, metaphors, and events that can change your life.

In Part Two: Experiences of Humanity’s Connections to a Higher Power feel the wonder as Neale Donald Walsch, along with our sacred storytellers, share their talks with God, including those of:

  • a mother whose answers came through a vision of her child
  • a woman who was reassured her health condition would be healed
  • an exhausted single mom whose message reaffirmed her belief that God heard her prayers
  • a scientist whose conversation with the presence of God dramatically changed his life
  • a teacher who received a Divine message to help her connect with her students

In Part Three: Putting It All Together experience your own conversations, empowered by intention and discernment, as Neale shares the six-step process he uses in his own conversations with God. Discover profound, yet simple, insights into what you can do to deepen the dialogue once you become tuned into God talking to you. Be prepared to be surprised and delighted by your communications with the Divine!

NEALE DONALD WALSCH has written 40 books on contemporary spirituality and its practical application in everyday life, including nine books in the Conversations with God series, seven of which made the New York Times bestseller list. Book One remained on that list for 134 weeks. His titles have been translated into 37 languages and have been read by millions of people around the world.


Experiences of Humanity’s Connections with a Higher Power

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