Shamanic Journeys

Shamanic journeying is a guided meditation technique designed to intentionally align actions with intuitive guidance. Experience profound inward journeys that will help you access your subconscious and unconscious mind to facilitate deep healing, transformation, and empowerment. These “maps to your soul” will be available to you for the rest of your life.

Shamanic Journey Meditation Series with Sarah Hawk

This special series includes all nine Shamanic Journey guided meditations by Sarah Hawk listed below. Immerse yourself fully at a 20% discount. All journeys also available separately.

Sarah Hawk is the founder of Luminous Warrior, the creator of the Path of Power, a trusted advisor, powerful change agent, and one of our Sacred Stories Luminaries. You can contact Sarah directly at [email protected].

FREE! Meet Your Chakras, the main energy centers in the body that connect your pure energy to your physical body.

Meet Your Protector Guide, a luminous being that is here to support you and keep you safe.

Meet Your Shadow Parts —whether dense or light— and then work with it to bring the healed qualities that you disowned into yourself for balance.

Meet Your Choices and move beyond what is in your conscious mind and add the information that your intuitive wisdom holds.

Meet Your Higher Self and bring in the healed energies that are a part of you. It allows you to be your purest, truest, most loving and kind expression in life.

Meet Your Healer Guide and connect to healers in the world of energy. These may be angels, ancestors, spirit guides, or healing energies in many forms.

Meet Your Celestial Parents, luminous beings that have been with you since the beginning of time.

Meet Your Power Animal an ally that can support you throughout your life or guide you from time to time when you need extra strength to navigate a certain situation.

Meet Your Spiritual Ancestors and be reinitiated into your spiritual ancestry in this 20 minute journey.