­“We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.” Albert Einstein said this in the early 20th century, and it still holds true today. ­This is why I find it so joyful to explore, experiment with, and play with the natural world. ­The revelations and creations are infinite!

While it might be easy to understand what your dog or cat is conveying through barks, meows, and scratching on the screen door, it may be more of a reach to consider that the wind responds to our emotions, crystals can imbue us with confidence, or water can read our thoughts. ­

That’s the beauty of it. We don’t hold an expectation that a flower or mountain is going to open its mouth and speak, so we can immediately expand our perception of all the possible ways that these sentient beings can relate to us. It is more likely that nature will speak to you through symbology, synchronicities, and archetypes, all of which can evoke powerful emotions and take on a profound significance for each person.

Establishing a dialogue with the wonderful world of nature begins with simply having an admiration for or curiosity about something, then allowing yourself to become exquisitely attentive and aware. For instance, you may feel attracted to a photo of a lush rain forest or in awe of the majestic landscape before you while atop the mesa you’ve just hiked. Staring at the perfection of a rose bud or river rock endears you to this living object in a way that begins to create a resonance.

With your heart center now activated, you start to feel gratitude for the beauty that is now captivating you. At this point, your interaction with nature becomes more than just physical. It begins to create frequencies that are emitted from your energy field, causing it to further expand. As your vibration rises, you may even experience feelings of love and compassion emanating from you to that rain forest, rosebud, landscape, or river rock.

Holding that higher frequency, you might start to sense that love or other qualities are being transmitted to you from this nature being. Keeping your intuitive channel in a receptive mode gives space for this two-way dialogue to happen, though on a different level than you may be accustomed to at first.

How this occurs is going to depend on how you’re wired. Just as most of us have one or two dominant physical senses, we also have dominant intuitive senses, and we all connect with Spirit in our own unique ways. Is the energy something you’re seeing in your mind’s eye or in the physical? Is it something you’re hearing in your mind’s ear or audibly that’s underscoring a question you’ve just asked? Is it an emotion, physical sensation, or a knowing that just drops in?

Questions are a great way to begin your dialogue with nature. Ask the tree or plant if it has any insights into a situation you’re struggling with or inquire about its own experience—for instance, What’s it like to be a tree? ­Then wait for the answers. Sometimes, words may appear in your mind that aren’t typically what you’d come up with on your own. Other times, a quiet awareness or idea will arise. Or your attention might be drawn to a particular feature of the tree.

Similar to the turn of the seasons, the development of your intuition is cyclical. Once you become comfortable with establishing this back-and-forth conversation, you can begin to work on intentionally connecting with any aspect of nature. ­The more time you spend doing this, the more you will experience greater connection, expansion, and oneness. ­This may happen for you all at once or you may feel the process unfold over the course of time. For most, it’s not a linear journey, but rather like the spirals that can be found everywhere in the natural world, from whirlpools and hurricanes to the concentric rings on the trunk of an ancient redwood—ever growing as you grow.


You can read more in my book NATURE: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes. Within these pages are some of my favorite ways to align with the natural realms and activate earth energy wisdom in your life!



ANA MARIA VASQUEZ, author of  NATURE: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes, has a profound connection with nature and animals. As a Multi-Sensory Animal and Nature Intuitive, she specializes in working with and helping others understand and interpret messages coming from Nature.  Ana Maria sees nature and animals as mirrors to our inner landscapes that support us in making shifts that we otherwise wouldn’t make on our own.

As a shamanic practitioner and certified Intuitive Strategist, Ana Maria also helps other unpack their intuitive backpacks and utilize these gifts in their lives. Her online courses Let Nature Be Your Guide, Modern Shamanism, and Nature as a Messenger are popular courses on Sacred U.