Rumblings of a Revolution – Music, Humor, and Commentary.

Beth Green is a worldwide phenomenon combining her intuitive wisdom with her incredible piano playing to bring you Granny Rocks: The Music and Message of Beth Green three times a week live on facebook. The popular show combines her wit, wisdom and uncommon sense to enchant her audiences and make them think and feel a little deeper than before.

Join the conversation with Beth and Rev. Patricia and learn more about Beth who is 75 years old and has been disabled most of her life. Beth was unable to play piano since she was 15 years old until at 73 she received a deep knowing to buy a 7 ft grand piano. Not even knowing if she could physically play, she followed her guidance and the music began to flow.

Beth Green is the granny of Granny Rocks – The Music & Message of Beth Green. Granny Rocks! live streams three times a week on Facebook @grannyrockson. The show airs Mondays and Wednesdays and is Beth’s chance to speak to her audience about everything human, and she talks from the inside out. On Thursdays, she broadcasts Dreams of Peace Improvisational Piano Music, where she improvises on the acoustic piano by connecting her spirit to yours. The music is amazing — inspiring, moving and uplifting. On all her livestreams, Beth is accompanied by her husband “Sweet Baby” James Maynard. Visit and  on Facebook.

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