Does fascism have appeal today?

Rachel Mann, PhD interviews Martin Winiecki, a lifelong sacred activist for peace, about his understanding of the great shift we are going through, including how and why at this time fascism has such appeal. Martin talks about the way people feel isolated and unable to show their authentic experience and their grief so they look towards leaders and movements that will give them a sense of this lost belonging. He discusses the fact that the system of patriarchy, white supremacism, and capitalism is dying.

Martin enjoins us to gather together to hospice modernity through this transition by gathering together in transformational communities to imagine new possibilities and new ways of being together. He discusses how we can shift the psycho-social force field that entrains us into this old system through healing, addressing trauma in safe spaces, and through connection with the Earth. He gives a  message of hope from a younger generation who are carrying forward the work that was started in the Countercultural Revolution.

Martin Winiecki was born in Dresden, Germany in 1990. He has been politically engaged since his early youth. He completed a 3-year training in peace studies at the Tamera Institute in Portugal. Since 2013, he has led the Institute for Global Peacework to help establish a global network for Tamera, networking, campaigning, organizing international events and providing online education. His writings have been published in Kosmos Journal, TruthOut, CommonDreams, and Tikkun. Since 2017, he’s been engaged in raising the Defend the Sacred Alliance together with with Indigenous, social movement and intentional community leaders from around the world.

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