Sacred activist, Chris Saade, author of and contributor to more than 6 books, including The Quest for Individual Authenticity and Global Solidarity, shares his reflections on the power of honoring our sacred wounds, finding our individual authenticity, pleasure as a pathway to tapping into our individual authenticity and how this is the key to peacemaking worldwide.

Chris Saade is an author, a psychological and philosophical teacher, trainer, and life coach. After years serving as a psychotherapist in private practice, Chris spent two decades training therapists coaches and the general public and two of his models, Integra: 6 Keys for Heart Centered Living, and The Quest for Individual Authenticity and Global Solidarity. Born in Beirut, he was involved in peace and humanitarian work for 14 years before and during the Lebanese war. The difficulty of those times led him to develop a great respect for freedom, authenticity, diversity, peace, and a passion for justice, and solidarity, especially for children. Chris co-authored his 5th book, Rebellion of the Heart: Deep Authenticity, Bold Love, Passion, Strength, & Global Solidarity, and a new 6th book with co author Mandy Bird, Tears Are the Source of Your Passion: The Power of Authenticity & Grief. He can be found at

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