Is there a connecting link between the multiple world crises we are facing? Are there features of the global economic system that illuminate these crises? Dr. Glen Martin, author of The Earth Constitution Solution, discusses why government at the world level (world federalism) is a fundamental solution addressing a central root issue linking these multiple crises with Bob Flax, Ph.D., Executive Director of Citizens for Global Solutions.
Bob Flax, Ph.D. is a psychologist with many years’ experience in various fields of psychology. He also has degrees in management, conflict resolution, and large systems change. His three careers in these areas have always been motivated by a desire to address human suffering. Today, he is Executive Director of Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS), a global organization working for democratic world federal government.
Dr. Glen T. Martin is professor of philosophy Emeritus at Radford University in Virginia. He is President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) and Executive Director of the Earth Constitution Institute (EC). His newest book called The Earth Constitution Solution: Design for a Living Planet examines the global environmental crisis in depth along with the world system causing this crisis. It shows how the Earth Constitution addresses this crisis in all its multiple dimensions.

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