“It’s traumatizing when others want to physically hurt you because they don’t like who you are.” – George Lee

Award winning poet and author of “In Bloom”, George Lee, bravely shares his painful journey of coming to terms with his sexuality, and overcoming the sexual trauma/physical abuse he experienced as a young boy.

For years he turned to drinking as a way to cope with his pain and confusion, but no longer uses it to numb himself. “Now I sit in the abyss…It’s in the examination of self you start to heal, and you begin to find your worth.” George passionately helps others overcome their pain through his poetry, and is a strong advocate for instilling worth in the LGBTQ+ youth. Follow him on IG @GeorgeLe3

George Lee is a poet and the author of, “In Bloom”. He won the opportunity to represent San Antonio, TX at the Individual World Poetry Slam and placed in the top 40 of the world. He’s a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ youth community. His book is helping raise the whisper around sex trauma, inclusion and self acceptance. “Keep exploring yourself and know that you are valid. Know that you are beautiful and complete.”

IG @GeorgeLe3

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