Words made to be spoken!

Meet Emma Sykes, author of the spoken word poetry book Making Waves. Emma shares as a young person navigating her way in this complex world, that her journey has brought her to realize that the labels put on her weren’t real. The box that society was trying to direct her into doesn’t fit. “I don’t think anyone can or should fit into a box.” shares Emma. She realizes she can be anything or anyone she wants to be and so can everyone else.

Making Waves is a beautiful expression of thoughts, experiences, and emotions felt by Emma and we believe many others. An inspirational book to share with a young person in your life.

EMMA SYKES is a young woman, a poet, a spoken word artist, photographer, and performer. Most of all Emma is a beautiful soul and a representative of our youth – intelligent, passionate, young people who have something important to say in the shaping of the future of our world. Find out more about Emma, her creative expression, and spoken word poetry book Making Waves at emmajsykes.co.uk

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