On this episode of The Sacral Circle, Mindfulness & Empowerment Coach Jenna Jasso opens up about her abusive, toxic relationships. She candidly shares the ways she subconsciously gave her power away to men, and how she addressed the core wounds that lead to these unhealthy dynamics.
Jenna also shares with host Janie Terrazas societal narratives that romanticize a concept of love that’s rooted in pain and suffering. She shares the beautiful ceremony and ritual she performed to help cut the energetic cords that were binding her to false beliefs around love. Jenna’s story of healing and reclaiming herself wholeheartedly will inspire you to explore yourself more deeply.
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Jenna Jasso is an empowerment coach, community facilitator, and earth steward. She creates healing spaces and facilitates experiences (workshops, ceremonies, meditations) that awaken vision and inner guidance for powerful leaders and purposeful entrepreneurs.
Jenna founded LoveATX, an Austin based community initiative that encourages further establishment of a healthy, connected, and eco-conscious culture through events. As a yoga and meditation teacher, she incorporates mindfulness into her Empowerment programs and courses. She is also passionate about land regeneration, permaculture, and small living.
Her mission is to restore harmony and wholeness to our souls, our societies, and our natural world through the establishment of wholistic and regenerative mindset.
instagram: @jennajasso