As a young child Shavannah Speaks Moore was violated and stripped of her innocence. She didn’t know the anger, shame, and pain she repressed from her childhood trauma was impacting her adversely as an adult. “It tarnished my mindset. It tarnished me as a girl, and as a woman.”

On this episode of The Sacral Circle, she shares with host Janie Terrazas how she reclaimed her voice and her power. Against the odds she reached international success professionally, yet she still suffered from depression. Her determination to discover why she couldn’t be at peace despite her blessings, jump started her healing journey. Writing was her saving grace. Her book has inspired and empowered women around the world to heal the wounds that keep them from BOLDLY manifesting a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Shavannah Speaks Moore is a Global Empowerment Speaker, Master NLP Practitioner & Mindset Coach who has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, Women’s Radio Network and many more. She has worked with Top Influences who have appeared on The OWN Network, Food Network & NBC. Coming from a world of poverty, being sexually abused as a child and being a high school drop-out who was told she would never amount to anything, Shavannah is now a woman on a mission. She has set out to empower and inspire women by helping them elevate their confidence, so they can BOLDLY manifest a more fulfilling lifestyle. Through her Personal Development and Lifestyle company and her non profit, One Big Heart Corporation, Shavannah continues to change the lives of many women and families around the nation one woman at a time!

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