Push your boundaries of understanding and perception on God as Mother.

Records show us the Goddess or God as Mother has been honored for over 800,000 years. Tune in and learn the history and symbology of God as Mother with Rev. Patricia and her guest American Mystic and Scholar Tricia McCannon.

You’ll be fascinated by the ancient symbolism of the Divine Mother, the many names she is known by, and the archetypal energies that she embodies that have been lost for millennia.

Tricia McCannon brings the Divine Mother and her history to life with over nine hours of teaching in her incredible online course Mary Magdalene and the Return of The Divine Goddess at Sacred U. Click Mary Magdalene and the Return of The Divine Goddess to watch the first module for free.

Tricia McCannon is an American Mystic, Mysteries Expert, and best selling author of four books. Visit triciamccannonspeaks.com for more.

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