Medical science has begun to recognize what metaphysicians have known for a long time. Our thoughts can make us well, or ill, and to hold things inside that are painful or shame based can literally make us sick!

It takes a huge amount of energy to keep memories of trauma submerged in our subconscious mind. A part of us is always on Red Alert when that is our situation, and seemingly unfathomable physical symptoms can emerge when some of the conditions of the original situation occur.

One of the reasons many people become addicted is to keep that struggle at bay for a while and to give the “cop on the beat” inside us who is always watching for danger, a break. Trauma literally resets our endocrine system so that our stress response is more of a hair trigger. We release cortisol, can sweat excessively, our hearts beat wildly as though we are experiencing a trauma for the first time. This is PTSD, and many people suffer from it.

So this process of first doing the deep inner inventory work, and then sharing that with another human being is an amazing first step toward reconnecting with our true inner perfection- that part of us that has never been damaged.

Step Five – Sharing with God, ourselves and another human being, the exact nature of our wrongs, is like opening the pressure valve on a powerful steam engine. The Gateways open us into a world of freedom from bondage. Through utilizing these simple but profound tools, our false persona can let go of its protective grip, and our essential self can come out of hiding.

There is a slogan in 12-Step rooms: “You are as sick as your secrets.” Step 5 is the first experience for many, of safely sharing our inner pain, and creating room inside for healing.

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Rev. Dr. Galloways best-selling book The Gateways is available through Sacred Stories Publishing, Amazon, and all major booksellers and combines a strength based approach to utilizing the depth principles of the 12-Steps, combined with Psycho-spiritual tools and practices to anchor in the practice of each step.