The Gateways: The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality


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Rev. Galloway brings the “prayer and meditation” elements of Step 11 to a deeper level with her book, The Gateways: The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality, in which she shares a powerful collection of spiritual practices and rituals designed to augment the transformative work begun in recovery.

The Gateways are your opening for a new day, a new way, a new vibe! Tools to set your vibration to the Sacred Om.

Using the wisdom path of the 12-Steps and of many of the world’s sacred traditions, plus color, sound, light, crystal healing, meditation, yoga and prayer, The Gateways are a psycho-spiritual companion guide for your journey back to True Center…time and time again.

Author Bio

The Rev. Dr. Jane Galloway, who has over thirty years’ experience with the 12-Steps and extensive experience serving as a minster, community leader, and advocate of the arts— all in addition to her accomplished career as a stage and screen actor, has now become the leader of a 12-Step spiritual revolution.

She has earned Masters and Doctoral degrees in Religion and Ministry, respectively, from Claremont School of Theology; she has been ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and has also served in United Church of Christ, American Baptist, and New Thought congregations.

Jane is a certified alcohol and drug educator, drama therapist, and founder of an award-winning non-profit arts program for elementary age children (h’ARTworks) and arts communities devoted to education and sacred activism in New York City and Los Angeles (T.R.I.B.E.).


Bill W., Lois, and Dr. Bob are cheering from the bleachers as Jane Galloway brings the much-beloved 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous into the light of the 21st century. Touching upon all the world’s religious traditions, as well as secular and New Thought philosophies, The Gateways serves as a guide to anyone on a spiritual journey who wants to deepen their faith and experience what it means to be made whole.
-Kate Sheehan Roach, Managing Editor, Patheos Spirituality

As we enter a New Era of consciousness and awakening, people in recovery will welcome this refreshing and highly energizing book for its far-reaching embrace of multiple paths. The Gateways into Perennial Truths shared by all wisdom traditions, resulting in a comprehensive approach to Spiritual Recovery. The Big Book has needed an infusion of deep and fresh spiritual energy and insight for a long while – and here it is!
-Jack Cuffari, Interspiritual Minister

You my dear, are RIGHT on target, and RIGHT on time. You are on the cutting edge of a new revolution in the field of alcohol and addiction answers. I feel SO amazingly grateful to be a part of this. Your book is really helping me in my own sobriety and in my Spiritual Path. I finally have a Spiritual Path. That’s what’s been missing for my entire Sobriety. -Judith Loniak L.V.N.