A big part of our mission at Sacred Stories is elevating the narrative around the stories we tell, and why we tell them. We know that sharing our wisdom about the experiences we have can help us all heal, grow, and evolve.

This is the inspiration behind our first-of-its-kind book series called Common Sentience. As our consciousness expands, mystical encounters with both the seen and unseen world are becoming so increasingly common that it makes sense to claim and honor them. Engaging the power of storytelling is the best, most effective way to do that.

We’ve had so much fun creating Common Sentience and reimagining the entire anthology styled project model to be a win-win for everyone who participates. And you’re invited to join us! Here’s a handful of reasons why you might want to write your story and publish in our unique book series:

1 – Anyone from anywhere can submit a story. If it’s accepted, there is no “catch” to be in the book. You may have come across other anthology books that charge a submission fee. Common Sentience is free with no hidden fine print.

2 – It’s not just another “inspirational” book series like many on the market. The focus of the stories is on the direct mystical experiences that you’ve had with Spirit, not how it transformed you. So it’s not a “go through it to grow through it” type of narrative; but rather, what occurred in those encounters and moments, with as much detail as you can remember.

3 –Having your story in the book alongside a renowned thought leader on the book’s topic elevates everyone involved in the project. It gives you a chance to align with the wisdom teachers you respect and admire. That wisdom teacher’s book is your book, as well, and your stories will appear together as one body of work.

4 – We realize that some writers are seeking a byline and feel they would benefit greatly if their name could be on the cover of a book. For that reason, we’ve created an opportunity for a limited number of contributors to have their name on the cover, if they desire, for a fee. It gives these individuals an added credential. Everyone whose story is included, however, is considered a published author.

5 – You will become a beloved member of a community forming around this book series. As the book series expands far and wide with each book published, you will be part of this sacred circle. We are already putting plans in place to share the Common Sentience brand across various online media platforms, including the Common Sentience podcast and magazine features.

Have YOU had a mystical encounter with angel, ancestor or spirit guide? Nature or an animal? Or a profound meditation vision? Here is your chance to share it.

Submissions are being accepted through June 30, 2021. Send us yours as early as you can, as we have limited space and some of the books are already filling up! Click Common Sentience for more info!