Empath Support Tools – Center Your Core


Core is the place you come home to when you leave your body. It is your unique set of coordinates on the space-time grid. If one of your coping mechanisms is to shoot out of your body, dissociate, go into spiritual bypass, or fragment…then there has to be a place for you to come back to. If your core is not solid and well-defined, then your spirit doesn’t have a physical place to return to and full embodiment can be difficult.

As empaths it can be challenging to find our core and stay in our center because our natural tendencies make it easier to blend and merge with others. When this happens, we can unknowingly become other-referencing instead of self-referencing. This guided meditation is designed to help you tune into your core by connecting to and clearing your spinal column, and establishing it as the “home base” of your physical center. When you have a solidly define core, you will be able to clearly distinguish what is you from what is not you. You will be able to reference your own truth instead of another’s.

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