Empath Support Tools – Clear Your Field


As empaths, one of our superpowers is blending and merging with other people. However, if we don’t practice good boundaries, it is easy to lose ourselves and dissolve into the expectations and needs of others. We are natural care-takers with big hearts and can inadvertently put everyone else first and ourselves last. The result of these patterns is that our energetic container loses its integrity and every person and thing we care for comes pouring into our field, overwhelming us and concealing our clarity and voice.

That’s why it’s a vital practice to establish boundaries and manage your energy container. In this 17-minute meditation, I will take you through a process of resetting your energetic boundary, reestablishing your personal space, and inviting all of the people, problems, and pressures out of your field. This will help you distinguish the responsibilities you are carrying that aren’t actually yours and create space to objectively assess your priorities and hear your own needs. This way you can hear your own truth and determine what is really yours to do.

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