Empath Support Tools – A FREE Meditation – Ground


FREE! This 16-minute grounding meditation is loaded with a variety of simple tools and practices for calming your nervous system, coming more fully into your body, and plugging your roots back into the earth. Once learned, these practices can be used alone or in combination throughout the day to help you stay more consistently connected to your body and the planet. Grounding is a key skill for all humans, but especially for empaths as we often leave our bodies and don’t realize it.

If we are not grounded in our physical body and giving our life force a home in which to operate, it is challenging to be effective in our lives. Ungroundedness can cause us to become spacey, off-center, anxious, confused, overwhelmed and more. Grounding reconnects the vital two-way circuit of energy that exists between us and mother earth, so that we can both release what is unhealthy, dense or disharmonious as well as take in support, vitality and energetic “nutrients.”

Being more fully embodied through grounding gives us greater access to our own life force, passion, sensory experiences, and body wisdom.

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