Your host, author Janis Harper, reads from Chapter 16 in her visionary novel, Jonas and the Mountain: A Metaphysical Love Story. In this second segment of the series, “Press Pause with Anamika,” Janis Harper reads in the voice of the psychic teacher Anamika, from the chapters where she is giving her teachings and offering activities to her students as a way to bring her teachings home. You’ll discover ways to engage with your own body’s healing, your past lives, your relationships, and other intriguing areas of self-exploration.

Anamika talks about how illness is not an adversary, but a teacher; it is not something to fight, but something to learn from. Your illness is calling your attention to something. Anamika shows you how you can heed its messages and engage in the personal exploration it offers. The medicine is in the illness. If you choose to participate in the expressive arts activity, all you need is pen and paper for writing and drawing, and space to move in.

Press pause in your day, in your life, and listen in to yourself. There are worlds waiting to be discovered.

Jonas and the Mountain: A Metaphysical Love Story is available in print and ebook at online bookstores everywhere.

Janis Harper is a former adjunct English professor turned expressive arts therapist, as well as a writer, singer-songwriter, and actor. Her lifelong passions for the arts, metaphysics, spirituality, and philosophy come together in Jonas and the Mountain. Although she has published mainly nonfiction, she considers this novel to be the truest work she’s ever written. Janis lives in BC, Canada. For more about her, visit her website:

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