When we step back from our daily to-do list, many of us look at our present day world of chaos in puzzlement. What’s really going on here…what is this all about?

To understand I invite you to step out of the constraints of our logical, rational thinking (which hasn’t yet provided us with satisfactory insight anyway!) and come along with me on a journey into a vibrant new perception of where we are and where we’re going. This is an expansive perspective, quite different from anything our analytical minds can conjure. It is guidance offered to us from our conscious, sentient planet Earth and wisdom from the Angelic Realm.

To preface our journey, let me say that where we are now is analogous to reading a book. We, as a society, have come to the end of a chapter; we’re not at the new chapter yet though. We’re on that blank page that separates one chapter in a book from the next. This blank page, this quiet time, is a time for letting go of the past, letting go of old habits, old patterns, old perceptions. That enables us to more fully open ourselves to the new. As in all books, the new chapter will be different from what we’ve already known and experienced. It’s not at all about going backwards into ‘normal’, it’s about moving forward into a new era. A new chapter in our multi-dimensional world.

So as we begin to turn the page to look into that next chapter, here is guidance – deep, expansive, and intriguing – which Earth and ascended masters in the Angelic Realm give us about ourselves and our journey into that new era:

Now is the time for Humanity to turn inward. To see who you really are. For too long you have used your physical world as a toy, a distraction. Now is the time for you to return to the recognition of who you are in tandem with who your planet fully is, and all of Nature around you.

At this time we would urge you to question all of your presumptions. For they are wrong. Your world, your planet, is a multi-dimensional kingdom of inherent natural balance. When humanity, individually and collectively, choose to forget or disregard your purpose here, all relations are skewed. Earth and all elements of nature are now, in this time, requiring you to come back into balance with her. This means recognizing your own role here.

You are each individually beings of light energy. You carry this within the framework of your physical body. But you have forgotten this. This light energy, which you are, is a component of the intricate web of Life Force which radiates from your planet Earth and radiates to each and every element of Nature here.

When you look at a tree, know that it is the same golden light energy which you are. When you look at a rock, know that it is the same golden light energy which you are. When you look at a bird, or a deer in the woods, or a plant in the field, know this. So too, when you look at a river or any body of water and see your reflection in that water, it is showing you the oneness which you and Nature truly are.

For your role here is not at all as you think it was. Your purpose is to recognize and attune to the light which you truly are and bring that into your world.

These things you busy yourself with each day have become distractions. Pouring your attentions and energies into your computer screens and other such media systems changes your resonance, tranquilizes and subsumes your life force. We would ask you, we would urge you, to turn your energy and attention into your planet Earth now. Right now. This will nourish you and your planet, and reconnect you with the web of light, the Life Force light, which you are.

It may seem that we speak to you in abstractions, abstract terms and abstract concepts, but there is no other way for this to be expressed in language. We are intending to convey to you an experience which needs to be felt and known within yourself, within your heart, the words we employ here are to point you in that direction. It is a direction which is new to many of you. Know that as you embrace this you will be guided and supported by the multi-dimensional web of Life which surrounds you. The wisdom which your planet Earth carries within herself will also be guiding and supporting you, as she does all of nature.

It is from the deepest Peace that we bring you these words, yet also with a resonant urgency this request is brought to you individually. For know, what you do individually in this regard truly matters. You make a difference.

When you bring your attention and your energy into confluence in this way, it can have a resonating ripple effect beyond what you may perceive.

When you may question how to begin, how to proceed, we will once again direct you to all of the exercises we have given to Humanity through the Earth Speaks Up text. That is simply a starting point. For know, when you join in connecting with Earth, you each are capable of so much more than you now know.”


In her bestselling book Earth Speaks Up, Mary McNerney shows how we all can attune to Earth’s voice and vibration and work together co-creatively with Earth and the Angelic Realm.