Trees emit harmonic frequencies that we can feel but are outside of our human auditory spectrum. The tree’s bioenergetic field is constantly emanating energy in the form of vibrations, frequencies, and harmonics. While man-made EMFs negatively affect our bodies, these natural energies from the trees have a positive, restorative, and healing influence on us.

Specific trees provide specific support. For example, we can work with Larch to release what is not needed, or to provide the energetic gift of seeing above and beyond. Birch is traditionally used in vision quests.

One of the most amazing qualities of trees is that of generosity. From the oxygen we breathe to the fires that keep us warm, trees are true givers.

The overarching messages that come from the trees to us humans include those of deep grounding, power, resilience, transformation, wisdom, balance, and natural rhythm. When we are drawn to a particular tree, we know that those general messages are being conveyed to us, and then we can go deeper if we notice anything particular about the tree.

These are some of the symbolic qualities in general that are attributed to trees:
• Grounding
• Power
• Patience
• Transformation
• Inner magic
• Wisdom
• Natural rhythm
• Balance

Once we are aware of the general meanings of trees, we can look deeper at the species of tree and the more specific symbolic qualities attributed. This can help us hone in on the unique message a particular tree is sharing with us. In addition, the particular aspect of the tree that you are drawn to provides more interpretation for the message.

Flowers: Power and Abundance
Leaves: Wisdom and Transformation
Trunk: Healing, Strength, and Resiliency
Roots: Groundedness, Beingness, Tapping in, Connection, and Inner World

Let’s say you share a frustration with a tree: Your colleagues or supervisor at work won’t allow you to pursue your ideas. Then, you notice that your tree looks like it was initially growing in one direction, but something got in the way and now it’s growing—and thriving—in another. It’s as if the tree is saying, “Grow where you can! Send your energy to where you will be nurtured!” A sense of peace envelops you as you release a fruitless struggle A new creative space emerges as a more helpful question dawns on you: “Where can I grow?”

You can read more in my book NATURE: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes. Within these pages are some of my favorite ways to align with the natural realms and activate earth energy wisdom in your life!



ANA MARIA VASQUEZ, author of  NATURE: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes, has a profound connection with nature and animals. As a Multi-Sensory Animal and Nature Intuitive, she specializes in working with and helping others understand and interpret messages coming from Nature.  Ana Maria sees nature and animals as mirrors to our inner landscapes that support us in making shifts that we otherwise wouldn’t make on our own.

As a shamanic practitioner and certified Intuitive Strategist, Ana Maria also helps other unpack their intuitive backpacks and utilize these gifts in their lives. Her online courses Let Nature Be Your Guide, Modern Shamanism, and Nature as a Messenger are popular courses on Sacred U.