We are at the threshold. Dr. Glen Martin, author of The Earth Constitution and Dr. Kurt Johnson discuss how human beings are in serious overshoot and faced with our own possible extinction. Our intelligence and ability to comprehend this situation gives us hope that we can make the transition to a planetary species and in this way overcome destruction of the climate leading to our own extinction.

But our history of identification with the clan, the tribe, the narrow religion, or the sovereign nation, makes most people unable to see the big picture, to realize the immense danger that confronts us and to change their behavior from narrow identifications to a global regime of cooperation, harmony and sustainability.

Our moment is a threshold moment. We must make the change effectively and rapidly on all levels, including government and economics, or we will simply go dark as a failure within this vast cosmos. The Earth Constitution is a powerful beacon pointing in the right direction.

Dr. Kurt Johnson has worked in professional science and comparative religion for over 40 years and serves on many international committees, particularly at the United Nations. As part of UNITY EARTH he co-edits its two magazines: The Convergence and Light on Light, and co-hosts its Convergence series on VoiceAmerica. In comparative culture and religion Kurt was on the faculty of New York City’s One Spirit Interfaith Seminary for 12 years and is the co-author of the very influential 2013 book on the future of world religions: The Coming Interspiritual Age. lightonlight.us

Dr. Glen T. Martin is professor of philosophy Emeritus at Radford University in Virginia. He is President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) and Executive Director of the Earth Constitution Institute (EC). His newest book called The Earth Constitution Solution: Design for a Living Planet examines the global environmental crisis in depth along with the world system causing this crisis. It shows how the Earth Constitution addresses this crisis in all its multiple dimensions. https://earthconstitution.world/

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