Psychologist and passionate advocate for victims of child sexual abuse, Brooke Woon delivers insights into the mind of sexual perpetrators and provides tips for parents on how to teach children protective boundaries. Plus, she covers the two questions she has asked her self daily that helped her stay on her healing road to recovery.

Brooke Woon, is the author of, I Believe You – How to Heal from Sexual Abuse, written for adult survivors of child sexual abuse, and is also being embraced by practitioners who help these victims. Brooke is a psychologist and works with adult and child victims of child sexual abuse, and male and female perpetrators of child sexual abuse.

Brooke works with people who have lived through trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, phobias, ADHD, social difficulties, addictions, sexuality and intimacy challenges, relationship, family and anger issues, parenting struggles, intellectual impairment and more.

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