“I knew I needed to forgive and let go, for me and for him.” – Justin Bustamante

Justin Bustamante was manipulated and sexually abused by an older woman, and a male family member during childhood. As young man he entered the Marines and suffered additional trauma. The PTSD he faced jump-started his healing journey and a new career path. He shares with host Janie Terrazas, the powerful story of his perpetrator reaching out to make amends, and the compassion he was able to extend due to his therapy work. “I knew I needed to forgive and let go, for me and for him.” Justin’s mission is to live out his best self and teach others how to do the same. “I’m here to help those who desire to overcome mental, emotional and/or physical pain, so they can live optimally in the present.”

Justin Bustamante is United States Marine Corps Veteran and is the founder of Trance Form SA. He works as a Neurolinguist, Sub-Communication Specialist and Conversational Hypnotist. His methods break negative thought-loops and patterns of behavior by helping his clients develop new neuro-cortical pathways. “The goal is to teach others how to organize their conscious thoughts to achieve better life results. It’s healing at a deep somatic level.” Justin specializes in PTSD and pain management.  TranceFormSA.com

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