Push your boundaries of understanding and perception of who Jesus really was!

On Not This, Not That host Rev Patricia Cagganello welcomes Mysteries Expert Tricia McCannon as they explore the untold story of Jesus as a Master Initiate in the Ancient Mystery Schools. Follow Jesus from his time with the Essenes, the Druids, the Buddhists, in India and ancient Persia, to his final studies in ancient Egypt. Expand your understanding of the true depth and breadth of Master Initiate Jesus and our historical and spiritual past.

Tricia McCannon brings Jesus and the ancient Mystery Schools to life with over nine hours of teaching in her incredible online course at Sacred U. Click The Lost Years of Jesus and Secret Schools of Initiation to learn more.

Tricia McCannon is an American Mystic, Mysteries Expert, and best selling author of four books. Visit triciamccannonspeaks.com for more.

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