One of the best ways to live unapologetically is to live consciously. This means moving through the world with intention while operating in alignment with your heart. Your intuition will guide you to this end. Using your intuition as your internal GPS will allow you to feel confident in the steps you take in the world. So, it is time to come out of the closet as the intuitive you naturally are! Ask for the guidance that is available directly to you, and then listen. Trust yourself. You have the answers to your own questions when you listen within.

Imagination as a Gateway

Your intuition has been whispering to you all along, but you may not have been listening. Now is the time to begin to hear the wisdom of your soul and apply it to your daily life. One of the biggest blocks people have in developing their intuition is self-doubt. Many believe that they are not intuitive, but the truth is, we all are. While some have become more fluent in the language of the soul, it is important to remember that each of us have this capability. When you come up against self-doubt, instead of walking away, try on the gift of imagination. Imagination can act as the gateway to developing your intuition. After all, if you are just using your imagination, then what is there to lose? Using your imagination can help you lay down your doubt and open up to something greater.

Go into a quiet space. Bring yourself into stillness and assess the questions you are wanting clarity on. Then, simply imagine that you hear your own guides, angels, and loved ones speak to you. Allow them to show you the answers. Imagine what the answers would look like, sound like, and feel like. How would you know that information is coming through? Which of your senses would alert you to this information? Journal about what comes to you, and then put it down and reflect on it later. You may surprise yourself with your own wisdom.

Be Consistent and Prioritize

Develop a regular practice of tuning-in to your intuition. This does not have to be long but commit to a regular time that you can tune-in daily with intention. Maybe this is ten minutes every morning while you are drinking your coffee, or maybe it is at the end of your day before you go to bed. Pick a time that works with your natural rhythm. During this time, engage in practices that feel aligned with you. Find fun ways to connect with your own spirit and with the Spirit that surrounds you. Explore lots of options. Try feeling the energy of crystals, using tarot or oracle cards as a guide, or maybe experiment to see if a pendulum might help you access your greater knowing. Perhaps you may wish to try hearing from your spiritual guides through the use of automatic writing. Whatever you feel called to do, let it be joyful yet consistent. Prioritize this activity the way you might go to the gym. A consistent practice will indeed strengthen your intuitive muscles.

Raise Your Vibration

Pay attention to the things that make you feel clear in your intuitive senses. Is it caffeine or no caffeine? Clean eating and more water? Is it calm music or exercise? Notice how fresh air, grounding, smudging yourself, herbal tea, or Epsom salt baths all impact your awareness. Commit to regularly engaging in – with complete intention – activities that support you feeling clear and aligned. Know that when you raise your vibration, you enhance your capacity to receive intuitive guidance with discernment. Raising your vibration feels expansive and calming, like an energetic hug. It will assist you in connecting with the Higher Realms with greater ease and help you apply the wisdom in your life.

Trust and Have Faith

Cultivate trust in yourself. Faith in your intuition is the key to making it stronger. Often people declare that they would trust the messages coming to them if they were “loud and clear.” However, it works the other way around – when you have faith in your intuition first, it comes in stronger and more consistently. Faith, itself, is a vibration that aligns with Spirit, and as such, acts like an antenna that helps you download the guidance available to you.

Combine the above tools of imagination, consistency, and raising your vibration to create a practice that supports your faith in your intuition. Your own intuition is a service that is available to you for free! Remember, you are always your own wisest guide. You have the tools to live the life you came here to live. Let your own inner wisdom show you how to move through the world unapologetically.

When you allow your intuition to take center stage, you will be guided towards what is in line with the highest good for all. Living in alignment with the highest good helps you feel confident about your life and yourself. Your speech, actions, and thoughts will come into focus consciously. Living consciously is what you came here to do, and it is the most direct way to live unapologetically. So, let your intuition out and listen to your own inner guidance!

*Inspired by the wisdom of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, this blog is an invitation to live as she does, like an Unapologetic Heroine.



Seana Zelazo, LICSW is a psychotherapist, spiritual coach and intuitive channel committed to helping us live unapologetically, by restoring balance within and without through the wisdom of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna. Look for her upcoming book The Return of Inanna: The Unapologetic Heroine in 2022.