There is no right or wrong, love is the essence in every song – Dee Delaney

When we strip away all the conditioning and stories, all that is left is love. Author Dee Delaney and host Jo Youle explore the idea of ‘no right or wrong’ as they invite you to see yourself and others with ultimate compassion and forgiveness.

This is The Truth Within and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Dee Delaney is a yogi and author of her trilogy of books: Book 1 The Truth: My Journey to the Other Side – takes the reader into the feeling heart, where the true self resides. Book 2 The Truth: Is the Art of Being – is a journey through the death realms and teaches the reader how to tame the thinking mind. Book 3 The Truth: Within the Heart of Love – is the story of union between heart and mind, and brings the reader into the heart of love.

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