We have a crisis of selfhood going on in today’s world.

Dr. Glen Martin and Dr. Rashid Shaz discuss how social media has helped dissolve our traditional sense of self and has propelled us into a “post-truth world.” In Islam it is revelations from God that bring us from the darkness (of lack of truth and coherent selfhood) into the light.

The Earth Constitution is about the common good and the Quran affirms all efforts to establish a common good for humanity. The vision behind the Constitution is one of a transformed future predicated on the preciousness of each and the good of all. Hence, it is a prophetic document consistent with Islam and should be supported.

Dr. Rashid Shaz is an ISESCO Ambassador for Dialogue of Culture among Civilizations and a professor of English at the Aligarh Muslim University, India. Dr. Shaz is considered as one of the foremost ideologues of living Islam both in India and abroad. He has extensively delivered talks on various aspects of Islam in the Muslim world, Europe and America. Some of his writings have sparked serious debates on issues of strategic importance. His major published works include Islam: Another Chance?

Dr. Glen T. Martin is professor of philosophy Emeritus at Radford University in Virginia. He is President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) and Executive Director of the Earth Constitution Institute (EC). His newest book called The Earth Constitution Solution: Design for a Living Planet examines the global environmental crisis in depth along with the world system causing this crisis. It shows how the Earth Constitution addresses this crisis in all its multiple dimensions. https://earthconstitution.world/

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