“I was living the life of drugs, sex, and rock & roll… My light switch was off and I was living in the dark.” – John Bustos

John Bustos grew up in a dysfunctional home witnessing and experiencing abuse throughout his young life. His unresolved trauma lead to a lifestyle of destruction as an adult. After enduring a life altering situation with his ex, he began to seek out the help he needed to heal.

It was the catalyst that sparked his spiritual awakening, and a new career path as a healer/teacher. Through his non-profit called In-Lightened, John is now inspiring others to love and care for themselves holistically, so they too can create more peace, joy and abundance in their lives.

John Bustos is an entrepreneur, Reiki Master, TFT Practitioner and the creator of In-Lightened, a non-profit organization that takes a holistic approach to healing for those who have faced trauma and abuse.
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