As a young girl Azucena “Suzie” Ramirez was molested by her father, and had a mother who chose to turn a blind eye. For over 20 years, she’s been dedicated to healing her incestuous trauma, and the cultural/generational wounds left behind.

With raw and unbridled transparency, she discusses what it was like growing up in an environment that encouraged the objectification of women, and how it impacted her as an adult.

We also cover the various retreats, and healing modalities she relied on to help her move past the pain. During the show she shared a beautiful self-love, self-nurturing prayer/mantra that helps her stay focused on her path of enlightenment.

Azucena “Suzie” Ramirez is the first of host Janie Terrazas clients to be interviewed on her podcast, which makes this episode unique.

You can connect with Suzie via her facebook page.


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