As humans, we have life force energy animating us. On top of that, we have guides, allies, and other helpers, both in physical form and in spirit. Trees, plants, stones, and landscapes embody this same energy from Source. Because the natural realm is multidimensional, as we take our nature walk together, we will talk about connecting with nature in two key ways.

First, how we interact with the individual energetic signature of a specific tree, rose, lake, volcano, or canyon. And second, by aligning with the archetype or energetic signature guiding that plant species, landscape, or body of water. It is possible to connect on multiple levels at once.

Let’s say, for example, you encounter a willow tree near a pond in your neighborhood. As you approach the willow and sit with your back on its trunk, you intuit the personality of this particular tree. It is refined and graceful, watching like a proud parent over the water lilies, frogs, fish, and other life forms in the pond. Turning around to look at leaves and branches, you notice some interesting protrusions on the trunk.

A moment of observation reveals the shape of a human face, a male figure wearing a wizard’s hat. You get the impression that the wizard is not only connecting you with this tree but also serves as the tree’s guardian. That evening, you research the archetypes of this tree species and learn that its energy represents magic, inner visions and dreams, past lessons, and maintaining emotional balance. You realize the tree’s wisdom is affirming your own ability to bring grace, magic, and balance into your life and the lives of those you love.

To pay homage to all of these living energies of trees, plants, stones, and landscapes, we refer to them as beings. Stone beings. Tree beings. Plant beings. Seeing them in this way reorients us from thinking of the natural world as a backdrop, to seeing them as a crucial and participatory cast of characters we connect with while on this planet. When we bear in mind that the planet and all sentient beings on it, including us, are part of this greater life force, we begin to see the sentient nature of all things.

This doesn’t mean that we are attuned to everything in the living world at all times. Given its complexity, that would be impossible. Yet, we can access pieces of this consciousness and draw on its wisdom in a way that is appropriate for us at any given time. Think about being in a shopping mall. You don’t necessarily interact with every person that you see as you stroll through the mall, but you have the recognition that it’s full of people. You can walk up to someone and begin a conversation if they’re willing to connect with you, and they can do the same. Similarly, when you go into the forest or out in the ocean, you won’t talk to every single bird, plant, mammal, rock, or sand dune that you encounter, even though you know that all these beings are there. Our curiosity, wonder, awareness, and consciousness are what activates the mystical when we are in the presence of nature.

You can read more in my book NATURE: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes. Within these pages are some of my favorite ways to align with the natural realms and activate earth energy wisdom in your life!



ANA MARIA VASQUEZ, author of  NATURE: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes, has a profound connection with nature and animals. As a Multi-Sensory Animal and Nature Intuitive, she specializes in working with and helping others understand and interpret messages coming from Nature.  Ana Maria sees nature and animals as mirrors to our inner landscapes that support us in making shifts that we otherwise wouldn’t make on our own.

As a shamanic practitioner and certified Intuitive Strategist, Ana Maria also helps other unpack their intuitive backpacks and utilize these gifts in their lives. Her online courses Let Nature Be Your Guide, Modern Shamanism, and Nature as a Messenger are popular courses on Sacred U.