In part one Angela Rae Clark shares the dream that jumpstarted her healing journey, and touches on the rage that often comes along with remembering the pain. We look at how repressed memories and unresolved trauma can leave us feeling ungrounded and unworthy.

We dive deep into the power of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. Angela believes we must give ourselves permission to amplify our voice of love and healing in order to mend everything that feels broken within, so we can feel whole again.

Angela Rae Clark is a writer, speaker, and coach. She learned that everything in life can be improved with more love and acceptance. Sexual abuse and exploitation were part of her childhood story. She hated herself and was overwhelmed with severe depression and complex PTSD. She’s healed these symptoms and no longer identifies with these labels. Angela now shares how her healing unfolded and helps others unravel the mysteries of their patterns and dysfunctions. “I love helping clients write the new story and imagine something more than they ever dreamed possible.” Check out her book, The Other F Word – My Manual on Forgiveness. Visit her site at

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