The process of making amends is a deep one that only comes at the end of the depth work in Steps 4-7. Once we have identified the places where we are out of alignment with what we know to be our highest and best selves, we have had some real insight into how and why that happened and have made a list of persons we have harmed through this process, and we are ready to stand in the light of truth and take action to right those wrongs.

Amend means to change. It does not mean groveling at the feet of anyone, or beating ourselves up. It means taking the action to get back into alignment with our soul’s deepest truth by doing what is possible to right past wrongs.

The literature of AA is very clear about the importance of surrendering to this process. It is so clear in fact, that it promises us that if we practice this part of our rectification process, we will know a new freedom and a new happiness. This is the first of eleven promises the literature makes (on pgs 83-84 of Alcoholics Anonymous), that constitute the beginning of the end of isolation from god and our fellows.

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