Energetically communicate with Earth!

Meet Mary McNerney author of Earth Speaks Up: A Dynamic New Perspective on Earth and Your Role Here. Mary shares that Earth is a conscious, sentient, communicating, planetary being that not only wants to communicate with you… but our ascension process and the ascension of Earth are linked.

Earth Speaks Up shows us how to shift from having a disconnect with our planet, a belief that we live on it, but not with it… to fully engaging with Earth on an energetic level. This important work offers an opportunity to open our minds and enter into a new way of being in the world; a way where we can each work together co-creatively with Earth, for the health and well-being of our planet as well as ourselves.

MARY MCNERNEY earned her law degree from Georgetown University, had a fellowship with the UN Commission on International Trade Law, and then worked for many years as a corporate and international lawyer in Boston and Prague.

She is an active member of Lifenet Geomancy, an international organization of people on the leading edge of working together with the Earth on the energetic level, and a founding member of Lifenet Geomancy North America.

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