In Kali-Ki Reiki, we say reiki mastery is “being the reiki.” To be the reiki, we must first know what reiki is. Most people think of reiki as a kind of healing energy, often referred to as “universal lifeforce energy.” In Kali-Ki Reiki, we understand that lifeforce energy to be the energy or force of pure limitless love, the source of all being, so we call it the “loveforce.”

To understand these concepts about reiki and love is one thing, but to really know this, to become the loveforce and be the reiki, is another thing.

My guru, Swami Sri Atmananda, talks about true knowledge or gyana, not as information that is learned, but as a becoming of that which is known. For example, many of us believe we are all one, but few of us know this, meaning few actually experience and live in non-dual awareness. We may have had glimpses and temporary experiences of the one soul, the one true self, which supports our belief that we are one—but still, we mostly operate as a separate ego self. Only when we remain in touch with and operate from the persistent awareness of non-separation do we really know unity. That awareness is a knowing that transcends the thinking mind.

Similarly, many reiki practitioners believe that reiki is love, but to truly know that reiki is the force of limitless love, and that they are that force manifested, is a deeper way of knowing and being. It is a way of being that is pure awareness, beyond thought and concept. That beingness is what those on the Kali-Ki Reiki Master Path aspire to know and to become.

One member of the current Master Path class recently explained how her awareness of being the reiki is growing in her. She said she is finding that reiki is always with her and that, even when she is not giving someone a session and when she is not thinking about reiki, the people around her are feeling the impact of her healing energy and quiet presence. She is embodying and transmitting what she is becoming without conscious thought or intention. Not only are her friends and family feeling this transmission of loveforce, but they also are transforming. Previously, she couldn’t even talk about reiki to many of her friends for fear of their snickers and dismissal of her “woo-woo ways.” Now, without her suggesting it, they come to her asking for reiki. The loveforce within them is sensing what she is transmitting and wants to experience it and expand it within their own being.

When we become the reiki, our very presence, our aura, can provide a healing and comforting refuge for those around us. We don’t have to do anything to make this happen; it just is, because we are the reiki loveforce. One of my ashram friends recently had a health scare for which I gave her a reiki healing. The next day when I asked if she wanted another session, she replied, “I am better now. Please come after breakfast, as I need your presence more than anything else.” This is the loveforce in action, and it is an action which the master is not intentionally doing or performing. It is pure transmission of what the reiki master has become and manifests.

The more we practice reiki from our heart and soul and not our mind, the more we become it. This translates out to our actions in the world: the more we practice being the reiki, the more we become a conduit of the loveforce to the people and situations around us. If everyone practiced reiki, if everyone practiced being and knowing that we are all love, what a force we would all transmit!



Joni Dittrich, Ph.D. (Rajashree Maa), author of  May the Loveforce Be With You: Kali-Ki Reiki: Healing Through Divine Mother & Yogic Wisdom, is a master of four reiki lineages and a venerated interspiritual teacher of meditation, yogic wisdom and holistic wellness. From many years of practice as a psychologist and healer, she sees true healing as a gateway to spiritual wisening and awareness of the Limitless Love at the heart of being. She is the founder of The Wisdom School based in Napa, California, which is dedicated to offering online and in-person healing sessions and training in Kali-Ki Reiki and supportive practices.