Were you or have you been called to do the deep and intensive work on healing the trauma in your life? Have you become or were you always aware that doing so was also healing old, untransmuted wounds in your ancestral lines and even in humanity? Has your quest to heal led you to diving into your deep subconscious to befriend aspects of shadow within?

Have you always had or have you more recently developed a desire to help others find peace in their lives as a healer and/or spiritual teacher? To help them heal and inspire them to greater heights in their life?

Have you had a dream to write a spiritually-inspiring, healing, and/or socially activating book? Or to put your artistic gifts into the world to stimulate your audience to look deep within or to connect more deeply with the Earth or to open their hearts, or any other spiritually-activating process?

Have you had a calling to somehow, in some way, known or not yet known, to step into a new spiritual ethics in business of positive inclusion, caring, and compassion? Or do you have an inspired idea to start a spiritually awakened, socially conscious non-profit, NGO, or corporation?

If so, you are a Sacred Activist for Peacemaking. Yes, you!

And if you have not yet figured out how or where this or any other related mission will unfold, that is OK. I am here to help you.

COVID and the events of the past several years have awakened so many people to change the direction of their lives and to be an active player in midwifing the planet through small or large acts into a future of unity in diversity and enduring peace. My clients have come to me reporting that time in isolation has dramatically shifted how they think of themselves. They have decided they want to leave a career or job that they have only been doing to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. They are deeply concerned with the stress, chaos, violence, and unnecessary conflict in the world around them and they want to be part of making a difference.

You are part of this wave, just as I have been. Something profound and BIG has happened in the past few years.

Back in the Fall of 2019, I knew that I needed to shift what I was doing in my work. However, the new direction was not clear. I had a longtime, successful practice as a shamanic energy healer and spiritual mentor. I was helping lots of people. But something was pulling on me. I knew change was coming, but not in what form.

As I often do when I am seeking deeper answers than my mind can glean, I picked up my drum and journeying to meet with those I call my Guides, Teachers, and Guardians “on the other side.” I always find them sitting in a circle on top of a high mountain as if they are having a conference.

I settled down in front of them and they greeted me warmly. They knew why I had come, as I had spoken aloud my intention for the journey and what my questions were before I began.

Immediately, they started pouring these words into me:

Now the sacred teachings are no longer just about training the healers who will work on helping one person at a time. They are about finding and showing a way, a path for personal illumination and enlightenment. Many of the people who have already and those who are just now seeking out this profound spiritual wisdom are joined on a soul level to work on a collective mission through their own illumination to enlighten the planet and lead it through dark times.

They are the leaders, whether in quieter or grander ways, who will contribute to an unfolding global mission of calling others to become conscious and awake.

Healing and peacemaking are not confined to the laying on of hands, speaking to the spirits, or doing ceremony, dancing, and shaking for the just a particular set of people or a nation. Even if it is done for one or a group, it is energizing the vibrational resonance of peace and harnessing humanity’s highest destiny lines to this fulfillment.

This sacred task can be expressed in healing using both western science and psychology, as well as eneryy medicine. It can also be manifest in art and writing, dance and business, or any other endeavor focused on healing and peace.

This message was not just for me. It was—and is—also for you. Your heart’s longing to do more and be part of this greater movement towards a new future of compassion, unity in diversity, and love is in response to a higher presence that is resonating through hundreds of thousands.

What began for you so many decades ago as a personal search for healing and self-empowerment you came to understand was part of a vision of sacred activism for peacemaking and ending violence.

As our collective, inspired, sacred activism unfolds, we will be using the inner transformation we ourselves have sought out and the wisdom we have integrated deep within our hearts, bodies and minds in many creative ways to manifest justice, light and the healing of the planet of the disease of violence, fear and greed. To call all of humanity back into right relationship with one another and with Mother Earth and All Our Relations.

Do you understand now why you are a Sacred Activist for Peacemaking and Ending Violence? Do you want help in stepping up and into it?

Call me. I am passionate about this mission and working with those who are like me!


Rachel Mann, PhD is a sacred activist, social scientist, healer, and spiritual mentor. Through her Institute for Sacred Peacemaking, she provides an intensive 1-1 Mentoring Program and offers courses and retreats supporting passionate individuals with a vision to integrate the wisdom gained through their own healing and spiritual study into creative service to others as a healer/therapist, spiritual teacher, writer, artist, and/or socially conscious and spiritually awake entrepreneur. Through consulting and programs, she also provides businesses, NGOs, and nonprofits wishing to expand and anchor into the sacred values of positive inclusion, compassion, and a renewed, spiritual ethics with consulting and programs. Find out more at rachelmannphd.com.