Push your boundaries of understanding and perception on what it means to be the starting point of love and abundance.

On Not This, Not That host Rev Ariel Patricia welcomes spiritual visionary and thought leader Derek Rydall for a life changing conversation on the abundance principles that set you free from the belief that your outer conditions determine your life.

Derek explains that we are the starting point. Life comes from us and when the acorn is ready it lets the oak out.

Learn the four principles you can do today to reverse engineer your thinking. Derek shares that changing your habits changes your character and raises your frequency which ultimately determines your destiny. Tune into the truth that will set you free.

Part of the new generation of spiritual visionaries and thought leaders, Derek Rydall is the author of the #1 best-seller EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change, which reveals the revolutionary principle The Law of Emergence, showing people how to tap into the pattern of perfection in any area of their life and create the right conditions for it to unfold. In his upcoming book, The Abundance Project, Derek presents a time-tested system for activating the Abundance Principle, which sets you free from the belief that outer conditions determine your life and shows you how to generate everything you need no matter what conditions you face.

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