“The biggest service one can do for themselves is to BREAK OUT”.  ~ Tom Tompkins

Host Janie Terrazas features her first male guest, Tom Tompkins as they discuss his childhood sex trauma which remained suppressed until he was 40 years old.

Tom talks about sexual secrets and wounds, and how they can remain frozen inside us impacting our ability to have healthy, intimate relationships. He believes healing trauma, and being able to fully express self is crucial to the overall harmony in the world.

Tom shares how he broke out and tapped into his fountain of gratitude from within, despite the pain he faced in life. Tom is now choosing to be transparent because he believes it will give others permission to free themselves of the stigma surrounding this type of abuse.

Tom Tompkins, LCSW: In my experience, every individual impacts the world. Beginning in our own personal sphere, our actions radiate out, affecting everything else. Everyone has been created uniquely, with a valuable contribution to make, and the ability to change the world, for better or for worse. If we live authentically, the world benefits from our unique differences. If we allow ourselves to be constrained by the expectations, challenges and circumstance that we face, the rest of creation loses the potential of our unique gifts. Individuals are suffering because they are not thriving, and the only way to thrive is to live authentically. Our world is suffering because it needs more of us to thrive and contribute our most valuable resource, our uniqueness. I believe that each of us can thrive, by discovering and then learning to appreciate, love, and embody the unique, wonderful, and powerful people we are.
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