As I went down to the river to pray…

Step 8 -“Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.”

After taking Steps 4-7 of inner examination followed by sharing of our deepest secrets with at least one other person…and with God, we have undergone the process of becoming willing to let go of the behaviors and attitudes that have interfered with our relationships with others, with God and with our own inner peace, and now we are at a point of beginning outer rectification, based upon our inner transformation that is well in process.

As with Step 6, Step 8 is a Step of both action and waiting. We make a list of all persons we have harmed. This comes first. And the second half of the process is to become ready.

How do we do that?

One of my favorite songs from the film “Oh brother Where Art Thou?” stays, “when I went down to the river to pray, studying about the good old way, and who will wear the robe and crown, oh Lord, show me the way…”

In Gateway 8…we become willing…we go down to the river to pray.

I suggest creating a Zen garden, or some other contemplative art project to focus your efforts in a meditative mode as you become willing.

The people on your amend list will miraculously appear.

And if you have opened your heart and become willing to make amends to them, this process will be nothing short of miraculous.

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